Frequently Questions

Dear customer’s, please read carefully before placing an order. You might some Frequently asked question regarding shipping below:

How do we pack your products for shipping?

All products are measured into individual small plastic ziploc bags/ packs, labeled accurately, then carefully vacuum sealed in a plastic/metallic bag. They are then shipped in a standard envelope or bubble-pack envelope. The outside of the shipping envelope contains no reference to the items it contains Sealed Discreet.

What all is included in my shipment?

The products you ordered plus a packing slip. The packing slip includes the product details, but does not contain pricing information.

Why do you accurately label all the products and detail them on the packing slip?

Primarily for safety, secondly, these products are legal in most jurisdictions, and in the event of an official inspection, accurately labeled products will more likely be delivered to the recipient in a timely manner.

What are your shipping carriers?

We send orders only with air mail use, and EMS,Fedex and UPS. Using any of the above-stated ways of delivery – we will give tracing number.

What shipping method do you recommend?

We recommend air mail because it’s not too expensive, and we can (sometimes) find out what happened if the parcel disappears, and significantly, because a customs declaration is not required.

I ordered last week, where is my shipment?

Please wait at least 2 days before contacting us if your shipment has not arrived. Please note that we will no longer respond to any enquiries about the whereabouts your shipment, if made within the first 2 days. As much as we want to provide excellent customer service, we get far too many enquiries like this and it takes up a lot of our time to reply to each one. There is nothing we say or do for you anyway, other than to tell you to be patient.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box address?

Yes, air mail only.

Can you ship to “Poste Restante” ?

Yes, but from our experience it is extremely high risk – these letters seem to inexplicably disappear without a trace, even with registered delivery. We do not recommend it.

Do you offer free samples?

No. Never.

Do you accept PayPal?

No, we do not,

Do you accept COD?

In business the “risk goes with money” hence Never THINK OF CASH ON DELIVERY as it has never worked out with us or with any other online drug website even on dark net, remember that THE RISK GOES WITH MONEY

I made a mistake, can I cancel my order?

If you made a mistake when ordering, just send us a message in the order details and we’ll cancel it for you. Then just go ahead and submit a new order.

I just sent you payment but I changed my mind, can I get a refund?

If we have not already shipped your order, yes. However we must deduct a minimum 30 USD fee to cover our costs of receiving and sending the payment back to you. Optionally, we can give you store credit of the full amount which you can use for a later purchase.

I don’t want your product now, can I return it for a refund or credit?

Sorry, all sales are final.

What do you do with my personal data?

We only keep the data related to your order. We will never sell it or disclose it to anyone. All backups are encrypted and stored off site.

Can you please delete all my information?

Sure, just send us email and we will immediately delete all information we have about you, including any order details. Powerful Links Directory Directory Fire Freeze Dried Chicken Free URL Submission We provide Secured Order