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2-METHYL-AP-237 is an opioid analgesic drug that was widely used in China to treat pain in cancer patients as of 1986.It is one of the most potent compound among a series of analgesic.

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2-aminoindane is a powerful, highly addictive stimulant  that also affects the central nervous system.It is also a member of the methamphetamine family. Crystal methamphetamine is a form of the drug that looks like glass fragments. Also shiny, bluish-white rocks. It is chemically similar to amphetamine.Specifically a drug used to treat attention-deficit. Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Likewise narcolepsy,which in particular is a sleep disorder.

Other common names for methamphetamine include blue, crystal, ice, meth, and speed.

How to use methamphetamine!

They are a variety of ways people use meth. Consequently this depends on the personal decision of the consumer. For example;

swallowing (pill)
injecting the powder that has been dissolved in water/alcohol


Methamphetamine increases the amount of the natural chemical dopamine in the brain. Specifically,Dopamine is involved in body movement, motivation, and also reinforcement of rewarding behaviors. Furthermore,the drug’s ability to rapidly release high levels of dopamine in reward areas of the brain strongly reinforces drug-taking behavior.Therefore making the user want to repeat the experience.

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Short-Term Effects

Truly,taking even small amounts of methamphetamine can result in many of the same health effects.Most important short term effects include:

increased wakefulness and physical activity
decreased appetite
faster breathing
rapid and/or irregular heartbeat
increased blood pressure and body temperature

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